Monday, June 16, 2014

Oh, dear, what will I do for this week's theme?

UNDERGROUND.  That's what our theme is for this week.  And more than one of the headbangers expressed the same sentiment. Thank you, Lew. You must have an idea for this theme of yours.

As we traveled to Idaho this last weekend, I was searching for an idea for underground. It isn't exactly the easiest thing to take a picture of. I remembered the tour of the Seattle Underground years ago. My pictures did not exactly turn out so well, and no idea where they might be to scan anyway. Pendleton Oregon offers an underground tour--that might be interesting sometime, but wasn't to be on this particular trip.

We camped overnight--testing out whether we would remember everything for our campout with grandkids next week. There were a few sorry possibilities for underground. There are quite a few critters who live underground. The hole above was the largest we saw--about a foot across. Not sure what lives there, And not sure I want to know.

This hole in the side of the firepit seems to be a bit of an iffy location. Of course, there is probably more than one entrance.

Under the tree might be better. I wonder who lives here.

And a warning of what lies below prevents some danger and a blackout. I wonder if the critters follow the rules.

This might have been a possible underground shot, had I got the other side where there are two tunnel entrances. It is a puzzle that I wonder about each time we pass this way.

Well, if you should happen to be looking at this before the new header goes up, let me tell you that I have just now decided that the header post will be totally separate from this one. These follow my search for the underground, but then both my husband and I had an aha! moment. He knew I had pictures, and I knew I had pictures and you will see late tomorrow what we found underground. (Headbanger day is Wednesday, but that is often problematical as it is usually a doctor day for himself. )

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