Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Craver gave us the theme of thinking. Now, themes that are concrete are fairly easy to find something for. Green--pretty obvious. Round--lots of possibilities. Jumping--we know where to look for those shots.

Abstract theme ideas are harder. Thinking is one of those.
Oh, what to do????
Being gloomy weather, not fit for adventure, and with hubby nursing a nasty cold, instead of going out to find a new shot for thinking, I went searching my files. The choices I came up with seemed to mostly revolve around animals, or the question "What was he/she/I thinking?" The grandchildren offered me some good thinking though.

I first searched my pictures of Maryhill Museum. Home to a special exhibit of Rodin sculpture and exhibits about his process, I figured I could find some thought there.
Alas, nothing of "The Thinker" is included, but Leesa provided her own thoughts about the sculptures that were there.
She also had to put some thought into the chess game in the children's room. After all, her sister Mosha is twice her age and has played for some time longer than she. Their brother Sasha found the challenge of creating a sculpture from a piece of aluminum foil more to his liking.

Several years ago some thinking went into the solution of the bull in the backyard. The whole story is here. The solution was to bring a lady cow on a rope to lead the bull home.

More animals thinking:
 George is thinking we might want to take a break on this bench.

The bunny is thinking we can't see him.

 Hmmm. The pup is thinking there are a lot of other dogs at the pet blessing. Cats, too. This could get interesting.

And the gulls--they are thinking that there must be a way....

And here the deer--thinking of how steep this trail is.

And what was -------- thinking?
myself, when I climbed up on the troll's hand?

...and whoever........in the world.....?

Creating that caption reminded me of climbing to the top of the dome of Santa Maria degli Fiori in Florence--otherwise known as the Duomo. The stairway within the walls of the dome is narrow, and steep, and long, winding around as it does. As I climbed it with a group of classmates (this happened a lot of years ago) we passed others who had been to the top and were on their way down. One such was a diminutive Italian Franciscan friar, heard to say as he passed (and loosely translated here) "...if I ever ...puffpuffpuff...get my hands...puffpuff...on whoever talked me into...puffpuffpuff......." The rest was lost around the curve of the dome, but one can only imagine.

More grandchildren and others lost in thought:
Mosha lost in a book while the rest of the family browsed the stacks.

Is Leesa thinking what was I thinking? Probably not. More like "Wheeeeeeee!"

Thoughts during a biking break.

Just think about it, Dad!

Benjie lost in thought.

Six of us have a bit of competition each week with a new theme for our headers. You can see what the others are thinking about by clicking their links in my sidebar. Wait till Wednesday, though, as I am posting early because I expect to head out for the day on Wednesday(gloom notwithstanding, a little retail therapy may be in order.) Of course, before then you can see how they handled "What's that up in the sky?" the theme Tom gave us last week.

I archive my header choices in my pages, so if you are visiting this some time other than the week it is posted, you can see what I have done each week.

Oh, now for what I will put in the header itself this week? I decided on the grandkids again. (BTW, you only see a few of them here, I have more.) In this case it is Benjie, thinking about that peanut butter sandwich which he obviously just devoured.


imac said...

Love the Header and all cute shots Kathy.

(Im sorry for my Header)
No offence meant my friend.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Fun captures Kathy, he certainly is thinking about something.

Lew said...

Kids' thoughts are often expressed more by the face than the tongue. Wonderful thoughts you captured! (And I think I will void the trolls under bridges now that I know their size. LOL!

Craver Vii said...

I really like the bike break and Bat-Benjie under the tree.

Christine said...

Oh, the grandson in your header is adorable! I love the faces kids make, their expressions as they think and tell a story. Hope your retail therapy is successful!!

Liz Hinds said...

Gorgeous grandchildren! And I recognise that dog!

Re your previous post: on Thursday we were in Exeter and happened upon Sir Francis Drake's favourite pub - the name of which I've already forgotten.