Friday, October 19, 2007

PhotoHunters Theme: Practical

So why do two cows going down the road fit into the theme of practical? You have to hear the tale of a
A Spring Break Adventure
to understand.
One day during Spring Break this April, I was at home doing not much of anything when two young neighbors knocked at my door.
"Our ball went into your yard. May we go into your yard to get it?"
"Of course. Use the gate over there."
"But he went in over here."
Well, the fact of the matter was that it was not a "ball" but a "bull" (with a slight accent on the boys' part) which I then discovered wandering in my back yard.
"Oh, OK..."
The boys kept an eye on the bull, making sure he stayed in the yard and did not wander further. Other neighbors watched over the fence. There had not been that much excitement in my backyard since my eldest son accidentally set fire to the field with a Fourth of July firework while we were off purchasing a weedeater to knock down the dry grass so that we wouldn't set fire to the field with our fireworks on the Fourth of July. That particular son has children almost as old as these neighbor boys now.
I rather wondered what the plan was, and they did not explain it very well. Perhaps there was more of a language barrier than the pronunciation of ball and bull.
Pretty soon their Dad shows up with a cow on a rope.
Huh? I have a bull in my backyard and you bring me a cow?
Aaaaah, but that is where the theme of practical comes in. Rather than struggle to force a half a ton of stubborn bull who does not want to go anywhere but where he wants to to go home when that is not where he wants to go, introduce a lady cow to the mix. When the bull is interested, lead the gentle cow down the road toward home.
Now that is practical!


Andrée said...

That is a gem of a story. Your description of the fire was wonderful alone. But added with all of the other details and the practical solution of the wise farmer, this is the best story.

Heather said...

VEry practical, great story.

gwapasila said...

hahha, I enjoyed the is that kobe beef where cows are freely wandering around?

Mine is up at My 2Cents Worth and The 4Seasons Of My Life Hope you can all visit me.

happy Photo Hunting !!!

tegdirb92 said...

I love that story! Have a great Saturday.

Paulie said...

I enjoyed reading your story again. perfect for your theme this week.

Dragonheart said...

Great story! What a practical solution to getting the bull out of your yard!

My practical photos.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Great idea - works anytime, I guess ;-)

Mama Bear June said...

That's hilarious! :-)
Photo Hunters

Whirlwind said...

Thats a great story. The cow would be very practical in this case.

Trinity said...

you are so creative, add this story to the picture's theme! That's is practical indeed.. :-)