Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Photos from the Ground--a Headbanger Theme

I gave the headbangers group a couple of weeks to come up with an idea for from the ground. I got my header up this morning--in fact took the header picture this morning in my driveway. The snow has come and is going and, as usual, leaving "Lake Sharman" in the driveway. You can see the hop poles across the road reflected in the puddle.

From the ground could be across the ground or looking up. I have a variety of these pictures from the ground from visits to Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Rainier, and Arizona.
Looking up at summer skies

Not sure what this slug has picked up along the way

Many years ago the boyfriend of an Italian friend told me to put a "primo piano" in all my pictures. I have tried to do so ever since. A primo piano is a first floor--and shooting from ground level can give that first floor that gives depth to a picture.

But sometimes you don't need a primo piano--but some bokeh  is pretty cool, even if it is accidental.

Looking up--way up--in Arizona

The lawn had been thoroughly clipped and cleaned, then the wind provided a new carpet of leaves.

My daughter is happy for new construction in their neighborhood. The bursting of the housing bubble had left their development with many vacant lots.

Chihuly from the ground.

I posted my header this morning, but did not have time then to do the post. I have not been to visit the others, whose links are in my sidebar. I wonder what they have done with the challenge.

Visiting Lew's post reminded me that I probably had some from the ground shots from Yosemite. Well, it would take me all day to find all my good from the ground shots. But take a look at this one as we looked up at El Capitan from the ground. I am posting it very large so you can see--right where the stripes of lighter colored rock cross:


imac said...

Grand lots of Ground shots, Wonderful Kathy.

Craver Vii said...

The slug is my favorite shot, Kat! I like that perspective. The shot is so clean and sharp, too.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Fun group of shots Kathy, really like your mountain photo. So you have your own lake on your property.

Christine said...

Okay, that last shot gave me the willies! I love the perspective of shooting from the ground--the Italian guy had some great advice, and I particularly love the image of the mountain in the background with the foreground flowers in focus. (Oh, and it's bokeh. I had to learn that, too!!)

And your header! Love the diagonal lines and the reflection; I always forget to look for that when it rains...