Tuesday, May 21, 2013

This Headbanger's Flowers

Wildflowers are my favorites, but right now at home I have the first of my roses blooming.

 And today's showers left a reflecting pond of this batch of --you know, I don't even know what those are that grow beside my driveway. And in my driveway. They are not something I remember planting.
I will make my header, though, from the city itself. A week or two ago I stopped to get a shot of the hanging baskets on the city truck as they were being distributed around the business district. These and some huge pots on the corners really spruce up the downtown.

What flowers will the rest of the Headbangers team present for this week's challenge? You can check from my sidebar by midafternoon Wednesday.


imac said...

Nice to see the powers to be think about flowering up the city, enjoyed your flower post Kathy.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Neat captures Sandy, flowers are so neat.

Craver Vii said...

Congratulations on the roses! I managed to destroy all the rose bushes we had in our yard.

Your city truck reminds me of the flower project they did at church. There were a few people filling pots to line the entrances, and I think that's a nice touch. Their work is much appreciated!

RuneE said...

Roses are red of course - but you forgot my favourites: rhododendrons :-)

RuneE said...

Thank you for the comment back at my place! I have only seen Seattle, and that ought to be wet enough :-)

Liz said...

Our very first rose of the season is just in bed. It's the only one at the moment though and I don't blame them: it's like winter here. And the ones alongside your drive are very pretty too.