Thursday, May 9, 2013

Does Jesus live there?

The other evening the phone rang, down in the office at church during classes. It doesn't ring often. I usually use my cell phone and many parents have the number. They call me with questions about schedules from time to time, and no one has abused it.

On the office phone I answered "Religious Ed Office".

It was someone from Sears about an order ready to pick up. She apparently didn't hear my answer. I told her she had the wrong number, but she was not convinced.

"Does someone named Jesus live there?" (We have a large Hispanic population in the area and Jesus (pronounced hey sús) is a common name in the Hispanic community.)

. . .

I don't think on my feet well. I set her to finding her customer in some other way. But which of the following would have been the best answer?

"Yes, but he can't come to the phone."

"Well, it is the church, what do you think?"

I've had some other good ones since but have forgotten them. I will add them if they come to me. Can you think of any good ones?


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Liz said...

Only on Sundays?