Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Christopher--Gailsman--gave us the theme of advertising for this week's headbangers' challenge. Not really having a chance to go out looking for a shot, I had some fun looking through the files for appropriate images.

Having done some traveling, I thought I would show you this ubiquitous image
along with some of its competition, in various locales and versions. 
In Russia:
In rural India:
In London's Picadilly Circus:

And when there is no cola, there is always coffee:
In Lincoln UK
 and Edinburgh (what? you thought it was Seattle?)

  Here!   This one is in Seattle.     Where else?  Italian style ice cream at the foot of a statue of Lenin.   From the ROYAL Grinders?
I did not choose any of those, despite how fun they might be to contemplate. With all the advertising that comes at us from every direction--every media--every hour of the day, it came to me that sometimes--just sometimes--this is all you need to know:
And so, as they say out by Mt. St. Helens:


imac said...

Had a real blast looking through your posts and Header Kathy.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Kathy: Fun choice, plain and simple.

Christopher Frost said...

A good selection of photos from around the world