Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bling--Headbangers Challenge

Headbangers theme was provided by our new member Gail: Bling

I am not all that much of a bling sort of girl and my bling is at home and I am not. Really, actually, most of my bling was taken by the burglars a couple of years ago, and not being a bling sort, it was not really replaced. So here and  in the header is my bling.

I blinged up my cell phone because...

Here is my husband's cell phone.
He does not pick mine up by mistake.


imac said...

Ring ring ring, bling, hello Kathy, you have a neat header and post for Bling here, ooppps by
batteries need charging must go byeeee.lol

Christopher Frost said...

Well there's no hiding which phone is which in your household. Even in the dark you could tell by rubbing your finger over all the crystals

Liz said...

nice bling! But I think even that wouldn't help me or Husband in our regular, 'Where's my phone?' search.