Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Headbangers "What is This?"

When Tom gave the headbangers the theme of "What is This?" I set out to find my oddest shot. But wait, I have been posting Odd Shots for years. I recently went on an Odd Shot hiatus, but looking back at 162 Odd Shot posts I would guess that quite a number of them would fit the "What is This?" theme.

Should I make the "What is This?" a puzzle?

Like "What is this?' of a cropped image.

And then reveal that it is a part of this odd sculpture in Seattle's Olympic Sculpture Garden.

Poking around in the Sculpture Garden pictures, I found one of Benjie whose question at the time would be "What is this?"
Like father like son as Jeff checks out Seattle's Fremont Troll.
 My final decision went to the same idea of curiosity.
"Hmmm. What is this?"
This gull is wondering it just as much as Jeff and Benjie were.

Check out what the other Headbangers have done. They are linked in my sidebar.


imac said...

Very neat ideal shots Kathy, for this weeks choice of theme of What is this?.
Love the troll.

RuneE said...

Since I come from Norway it just has to be the troll ...

katney said...

Ah, but Rune, would you get that close and personal with a troll?

Gailsman said...

I'm not sure what's in the bowl either. Peanuts perhaps?

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Kathy: Very nicely done my friend. You took a great direction on the theme. BTW It was my theme.

katney said...

And I knew that, too, Tom. I have changed the attribution. I must have found reference to it in Chris's e-mail.