Saturday, April 28, 2012

Do you say good-by?

I just said "Bye" to the voice mail.

It made me think about a conversation the other day. I had been talking to a certain person on my phone, and suddenly realized that I was talking to the air. He has been better about it. It used to be that he never, ever ever said good-by on the phone.

It is a little weird to continue talking to oneself, but I suppose it does not appear to others as weird as it would be if you did not have a phone to your ear.

I was in an office with someone at the time, and said, "Oh, are you there?" then sighed and closed my phone. She looked at me quizzically. I told her, "He doesn't always say good-by before hanging up." She said, "you know, I think I used to do that, too. I finally realized that I need to and I try to make sure I do now."

Now these are people of two totally different generations, so it is not just a changing of the times. Where did they get the habit? Do you say good-by? Do you know someone who doesn't?



Martha Z said...

I always say good-bye and with certain people I must say it several times in an attempt to end the conversation politely.

Liz said...

Of course you say goodbye! How odd not to.