Wednesday, April 11, 2012


IMac's lily pond last week reminded me of an impressionist painting--and well it might as it was taken in Monet's Garden. Well, DUH, Kats!!! I chose the theme of Impressionist for this week to see what we could make of it. I had a picture of mine in mind, but went looking, and did not see it exactly as I recalled it. I had fun in the gathering, though. Always fun to wander through the photo files and find something for a theme and remember the trip, occasion or event when they were taken, the people involved.

I had to stop myself. So many gathered and I will have to choose one. These are presented with no Photoshopping. Only cropping and adjusting the brightness to highlight the image. So what might Monet have done with these:
Such a good place to find an impression! (Leavenworth, WA)

Hiking trail in Leavenworth

Heron reflected--Leavenworth

Ducks--Leavenworth hike

from the photo I first thought of for an Impressionist view

We must have a lilypond--Mt. St. Helens in the distance.

A Meadow scene is perfect--from Sunrise at Mt. Rainier.
Or the Ohanepecosh River  at Mt. Rainier.

Swan family at Hercules Garden in Scotland

Hercules Garden pond and wall

If Monet had visited a gold mine in Alaska in the fall.

More Alaska fall impressions

More ducks--these on a pond at Sun Lakes in Washington

And how about Deep Lake--also at Sun Lakes in Washington.

So which shall I use? I found too many possibilities and will need to ponder while I fix myself some lunch. You will see what I choose a little later if you are seeing this while the wondering gull is still trying to figure out the peanuts on the table in the header from last week's "What is this?" theme. If you missed the gull, you will find him on my headers 2012 page.

The Headbangers group is down to four with the departure of Dave to concentrate on his studies for the moment. For a good competition we would like to have two more join us. If you enjoy photography and would like to be challenged with some interesting themes each week, get in touch with any of us Headbangers. The others are linked in my sidebar, and I am here. And be sure to stop by to see the Impressions of the others this week.


Gailsman said...

What wonderful scenery and photos of the area. If Monet knew how to use a camera, I'm sure he would have taken similar shots!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Kathy: Loved the mountain of trees in Alaska. What a great series of photos.

imac said...

Impressed by your Impressionist post Kathy, with great and beautiful shots.

Tina´s PicStory said...

wonderful pics! :)

Lew said...

My impression is that all are great impressions of your part of the country!

Liz said...

The meadow scene, that's THE one.

Janie said...

So many beautiful photos. I love the swans, and Deep Lake.

Swirling Regret said...