Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Headbangers take a "Leap"

I had thought that it was my turn to choose the theme for our headbangers competition this week, and the day being what it is, I was going to choose "Leap". As it turned out, I learned that my place on the rotation comes up next week. But the next message I got in its regard was from Dave, who chose the them this week. And guess what? It's

So, since I'm not getting out too often right now for phototrolling due to gloomy weather and being busy with appointments and volunteer work,  I got to thinking about some pictures I've taken that would convey this idea.

This little guy seems to be ready to leap down the steps.

And this big guy (Son #2) is making a great leap over the beam.
Wish I were that nimble!
So what did I choose?

I'll put it up this evening Pacific Time  as we will be out all day tomorrow Wednesday.

Headbangers is a small group of friendly bloggers who change the header to match a theme for a friendly competition each Wednesday at what turns out to be around noon Pacific Time (evening for our UK members.) You will find the others linked in my sidebar if you care to check out what they've posted.

For the skeptics who think that the frog is not leaping but floating, here is the sequence of three shots from which it was taken.


imac said...

Good choice for Leap shots Kathy, I'll pop back tomorrow to catch a glimpse of your Header.

imac said...

Ah- yes - Leap Frog - well done Kathy.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Kathy: This is a neat take on the leap theme. You certainly picked some good leapers.

Gailsman said...

Alas, the wrong time of year for frogs in the UK, so you've captured a good one here.

Paulie said...

Now you still have to think of a word for YOUR week since this one got used!!!!!!!

Great photos for the word!