Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Headbangers--Let's Get Out of Here

 Chris gave us a theme of "Let's get out of here" for this week's Headbanger's competition. So I started looking for something that might suggest that. What better than this:




Waiting to get out of here.

With all the security at the airports these days, everyone is waiting to get out of here and go wherever they are going.

On this occasion we were going to the UK to hike in Scotland, visit some bloggers, and see some sights.

This, taken along the way is after we have gotten out of here, so though it fits the header space, it doesn't quite fit the theme.

Look for this in the shot I put in the header:
I think I've got it.

BTW, that is the Underground station near our hotel in London.


imac said...

I see you were Stationary for a time then Kathy - before you got out of there,lol.
Neat idea for this weeks theme -- which was by Christopher this week,

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Kathy: Enjoyed your header and the story from your travels. I really loved your eagles above. My heart is thrilled anytime I see one in the wild.

Gailsman said...

As much as I love visiting different places, I'm not that keen on the actual travelling. Would be so much easier if I had my own Tardis.

Lew said...

Great take on the theme! The plane is the way out of the country!