Sunday, September 4, 2011


Well, no he is not particularly odd, unless you are unsettled by such a close eye to eye visit with a squirrel. But this morning's odd encounter with a squirrel was missed by the camera, so you will have to imagine this guy's cousin with a nut or fruit (may have been a green apple) as large as his own head held firmly in his mouth. He was waiting by the side of the road for traffic to clear so he could cross (that's kind of odd, too.) He probably didn't think he could get it across the alternate route across the phone lines.


imac said...

That certainly would have been odd, my friend.

Liz said...

Sounds like a sensible squirrel though.

Lew said...

That's up close and personal! Your squirrel might have had a walnut. The walnuts here still have the green husk and the squirrels are burying them for winter eating.

starwordsworks said...

Like your odd pictures,
Likely took some patience,
Long may you enjoy your hobby,
Lasting happy memories on your blog!