Wednesday, September 28, 2011

ABC Revisiting K

I looked back thirteen years to revisit my K for this round of ABC Wednesday. That was when we traveled halfway around the world to visit Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, Russia, home of our soon to be daughter-in-law and city where our son had been studying for the previous year and a half. It is a city of around a million people,  only a few years earlier closed to any foreign visitors.

Summer gardens yielded a source of income for many residents as they set up shop along the city streets. We think of Siberia as a distant vast cold place, but summer is just the opposite. Well, it is still distant, but the short growing season in terms of days is extended because there is 23 hours of daylight during those days. The local tomatoes, onions, potatoes, and cucumbers were lush and luscious, and despite living in huge apartment blocks, many Krasnoyarsk residents have a little garden plot down along the bluff over the River Yenesei.

This little chapel sits atop the hill from which the panorama of the city was taken. 


Linnea said...

What an exotic place to go summer! Thanks for sharing these great images.

Roger Owen Green said...

Wouldn't think Siberia would have such a large city!
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Andy said...

I too was under the impression that Siberia was a cold & distant place. Who knew they had so many hours of daylight!

Great photos.

Thanks for sharing.

Kiss Me With Desire

Tumblewords: said...

Learned a lot in this short post! Thank you!

marginalia said...

I'm with Roger. Who knew Siberia had a city this size. This was a fascinating snapshot of a distant location.

ABC Wednesday Team

Jo Bryant said...

This was a great post - loved it

Liz said...

The first shot of the city does make me wonder if this can really be Siberia but the old women in the street do live up to the image.