Thursday, September 15, 2011

Goo-goo-googling along

What a busy week!

My hubby and I are on our way home, stopping off along the way to see some of the sights just off the highway that we always seem to pass by. He has had five days of visiting with our son and his family. I had three days with them, and let him have them to himself while I spent two days in Silicon Valley.
Here I am with one of the Google bikes employees use to get around the Google campus.

The map shows where all the TCs hailed from.
As a "TC" in the Blogger Help Forums, I had been invited to the "Google Top Contributor Summit." To tell the truth, I had thought the title of the gathering was a little pompous, and expected to be surrounded by nerds and totally have my eyes glazed over with all the tech talk. That wasn't how it was at all. The over 250 TCs that Google had flown in (bused, trained, and let drive) from around the world looked just like a cross section of all the rest of us, and the talk was --oops--can't tell you that--but let's just say we saw the human side of Google and we got to get and give feedback about Google products and meet Googlers and other users we've only known from their usernames.

Thank you Google for showing us your human side and what is coming for us. Hey Nightcruzr, Mishka, Yoboy, Martin, Richard, and Erik/Aires of War--It was so cool to meet and share with you in person--as also Lisa, Brett, and all the other Blogger crew. EdSF you are permanently adopted as a Blogger Dude. (Sorry Erik and Yoboy that I didn't get a good chance to say good-by. I had to get on the highway. We'll do better another time.)

I've been thinking about blogging, Blogger, and what they do mean for me. It is a question I was asked. It is a good question for a future post.


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Nice to meet and greet, also time with family good.

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How exciting! I am impressed.