Sunday, August 28, 2011

What's up with tattoos?

I don't really understand the drive to get a tattoo anyway.

But why would you tattoo "Vegan" across your back? A statement, I suppose.

Makes you wonder.

Are all tattoo inks free of animal products?

What is her purse made of?

There was another tattoo shot I wish I could have gotten this week. But my pocket camera was tucked away in my purse and probably would not have worked anyway as it is really acting weird.

I was having lunch at a fast food place and across from me was a tattooed man. Well, not from head to foot, but from shoulder to wrist on both arms, this was a pretty tough looking dude -- shaved-head -- wearing motorcycle leathers. Do you need a picture? I think I might not have dared pull out the camera anyway.

And he was sweet-talking and cooing with a tiny infant.


What stereotypes we have!

What odd shot did you find this week?


Lew said...

Probably saves her a lot of time when ordering in a restaurant! And cuts down on the questions about steak dinners. I found a strange duck for this week.

imac said...

Great thought from Lew there.

We see some tats about here too, some are great looking then some are yuck.

great capture here.

Liz said...

we have plenty of those in Zac's! But, yes, like you I still tend to stereotype.

It's not the most attractive of tattos she has nor the most obvious visible place. So, no, can't really see the need.