Tuesday, August 9, 2011

ABC Revisiting D

How old are you?

If you aren't old enough, you missed the heyday of the TV show Death Valley Days, hosted at one time by none other than Ronald Reagan.

You may still be watching the syndicated reruns of this TV classic which  aired from 1952-1975.

The lead in to the show featured the Twenty Mule Team wagons of the sponsor, which in earlier days carried the mineral frowhich was mined in  Death Valley. This is one of those wagons.

And D is for Death Valley, which we visited in November of 2009.

The lowest place in the US and overall the hottest, temperatures top 120º F. many days of the summer. That makes November a good time to visit...
...whne you may even find a bit of water for a reflection shot.

It was difficult gong through the Death Valley photos to find just a few. Death Valley is a place that is both difficult and extremely exciting for photography. In the bright of the day ,colors can be washed out and a picture would be very flat.

But when the sun is low on the horizon and the shadows come out, the colors come to life.

Some earlier posts featuring Death Valley scenes are  here and here and here.

D is for Death Valley


Michelle said...

Not old enough to have watched (or even heard of) Death Valley Days!

We've been there, though. It's a beautiful (and intimidating) place.

mrsnesbitt said...

Loved this detailed collection katney - always a pleasure to read your amazing posts.
Thanks so much
Denise ABC Team

Shooting Parrots said...

Your photos gave me a thirst just by looking at them!

Joy said...

Never heard of the show but familiar with Death Valley from the old Western films. The last photo is stunning.

imac said...

Great shots my friend.

Leslie: said...

Oh my gosh, you've taken me back to childhood and I love your photos. Good info re time of day for taking photos, etc.

abcw team

Jo Bryant said...

i have never heard of this show - but I loved these photos, especially the last one.

Kathy said...

Wow, that last photo is so dramatic. Absolutely beautiful. Yes, I remember Death Valley Days and the commercials for 20 Mule Team Borax. Actually, I think you can still buy that stuff! It's used as a laundry detergent and as a pesticide! I guess if you've got fleas in your pants, it's the perfect product!

Roger Owen Green said...

alas, I AM old enough to have watched DVD, with Reagan, and before that with 'the old prospector'
ROG, ABC Wednesday team