Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Using my words

Why do I always think that a post must start with a photo? It isn't a photo blog is it? I have one of thosee, too. Well, maybe this one  is a photo and word blog and it is time for some words.

This has been a very unusual summer. While we are usually off camping at least two weekends a month, we've only been out twice. Once to check out the location and then later the same month (JUNE) to camp with the kids. What is that about?

Well, what it has been about is growing older, I guess. Hard to admit it, but we are. I still chase ants with the kidlets but some of the spring has gone out of this chicken. I hope to get it back as things settle down. Will things settle down?

For much of the summer it has been twice weekly visits to North Star Lodge. These dropped to once a week four weeks ago. Despite my encouraging post about North Star here--and it IS a hopeful place--it is still a couple of hours of driving and no knowing from one time to the next if it will be an hour or an all day experience. It makes planning difficult.

Yesterday was a doctor visit at the Lodge and hubby had another bone marrow biopsy. The results of this will guide future treatment after this cycle of chemo is over in a few weeks. We hopefully await the report next week.

We have snuck a few things in--Leavenworth and a Mariners game, a day trip here and there, another quilt retreat, the couple of days at the lake last week, an occasional lunch with friends, our regular dinner on Wednesdays in an endless cycle through the local restaurants. I have even managed to hike a couple of times.

So there it is. Life goes on.

I can't do this without a picture. Just a little one.


Mary said...

Hope for the best for Raney! Sad to get old, for sure. I've noticed you haven't blogged as often lately. Everything slows down at some point. Time Marches on whether we want it to or not. Still waiting for my Tomatoes that are still blooming but not ripening...and Summer is over, school started today for the kids in our town.

imac said...

We sure pray for a good result my friend on DH.

Thanks for the words also the photo.