Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sunday's Psalm--Seventeenth Sunday of Ordinary Time

Lord, I love your commands.

I have said, O LORD, that my part
is to keep your words.
The law of your mouth is to me more precious
than thousands of gold and silver pieces.

Lord, I love your commands.

Let your kindness comfort me
according to your promise to your servants.
Let your compassion come to me that I may live,
for your law is my delight.


Lord, I love your commands.

 For I love your command
more than gold, however fine.
For in all your precepts I go forward;
every false way I hate.

Lord, I love your commands.

Wonderful are your decrees;
therefore I observe them.
The revelation of your words sheds light,
giving understanding to the simple.

Lord, I love your commands.

from Psalm 119


imac said...

These words show how great your photos are my friend.

Liz said...

Beautiful photos, katney. The words are sometimes difficult to ... obey? That doesn't seem like the right word; it's not about obedience as such. Maybe live by.

I've posted my Odd Shot early as we're off today.