Wednesday, July 13, 2011

ABC Wednesday--Z is for...

I used the ecological zones of Mt. Rainier for the letter z last year, too. The idea came to me again this weekend as we made a day trip to the park. Snow was still deep at Sunrise--in the Sub-Alpine ZONE. As it melts out quickly in the warm days the anenome is one of the first flowers to bloom.

About three thousands feet lower in elevation, the Lowland Forest ZONE is almost snow free.

The early blooms there are the trillium.

ABC Wednesday winds down its eighth round. Little did Denise realize when she first suggested it four years ago. Will you join us on Wednesdays in round nine?


imac said...

The difference in Zones is wonderful - best of both worlds or zones lol.

Roger Owen Green said...

There was skiing in Colorado on the 4th of July!
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Wanda said...

Great Zone post. I'm looking forward to Round 9!!

Gattina said...

Nice finding for Z ! Still snow ! in July ! Fortunately I don't live there I don't like winter !

Berowne said...

Good Z post. I'm looking forward to the new A.

helenmac said...

Beautiful photos of the Zones of Ranier! When my sister lived in central Washington, we visited her and Mount St. Helen's but only view Ranier from afar.
Thank you for a superb contribution to ABC Wednesday,
ABC Wednesday Team