Thursday, May 5, 2011

Oh, Phooey! ABC Wednesday catch-up--O and P

I haven't given up my quest for the perfect collection of ABC quilt blocks, but life has thrown an obstacle course in the path these last few weeks. In an already ordinarily super busy time of the year in my volunteer year at church, we have the added "pleasure" of a multitude of doctor visits, a hospital stay of a week, and a less than ideal diagnosis for my dear husband. I have added the duties of chauffeur and a number of his usual errands to my routine. Last night I mowed the lawn. I've even taken over cooking dinner and grocery shopping again--these are things he has done almost exclusively since his retirement.

As this can be expected to continue while the docs put together and implement a treatment plan and his  energies and enthusiasm are restored, I will return to the quilt blocks in the next ABC round. For now, let's see what O and P I can find in my photo archives to keep in the round. How about these?:

Overpass from under
Aurora Bridge, Seattle
Purple iris in my garden.


Roger Owen Green said...

life does get in the way of our plans, doesn't it?

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Martha Z said...

I second that, we never know what obstacles will be put in our path. Between the doctor's treatment and your faith and hard work I trust he will be on the mend soon.