Sunday, May 22, 2011


My Odd Shot for This Week

I usually have my Odd Shot up earlier on Sunday afternoon, but since it really is Odd Shots on Monday, you will have to give me some leeway here. And after all, I am the Odd Shots Boss.

We went on a picnic this afternoon and a drive and just got back a little bit ago. On the way towards Bickleton from Goldendale, after we passed through Cleveland this old farmsite against the backdrop of the wind turbines fascinated me.

Now, I must assume that you have not heard of these places--though each has its fame. Goldendale is a small town (population just under 4000) and the site of the largest telescope available for public viewing. You don't have to be a scientist to just go to the Goldendale Observatory and take your turn looking at stuff. Regular folks do it, Boy Scout troops, school classes, etc. Lots of fun exhibits aswell. Goldendale  also lays claim to the Maryhill Museum just down the road and Stonehenge.
Really. Look it up.

 Bickleton is famous for its Bluebird Trail--birdhouses along the roads and lanes in the countryside around the town invite the colorful creatures to nest there. And colorful!!! Too quick to get a picture but the brilliance of the blue was darting here there and everywhere as we came through the area. Bickleton is also famous (if you are old enough to remember and from around here) for having its entire graduating class one year in the late eighties appear on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Yes, all seven of them. All boys. And Johnny invited them back to meet a class of seven young ladies from a school in Nebraska. Thirty years ago when we visited Bickleton the population sign at the edge of town said 90. The same sign is still there--or one just like it.

Cleveland boasts the oldest rodeo in the state-- and a carousel which is over 100 years old and completely refurbished at the rodeo grounds. The population is 20.

What did you find odd in your world this week?


Lew said...

Great commentary on the passing of time! There once was a time when lots of farms had windmills to pump water. A few around here still do. My Odd Shot is also reminiscent of old time country.

Liz said...

Whoops, I missed Monday! Next week.

Martha Z said...

It does look a bit incongruous.