Thursday, January 27, 2011

Working humor

Nothing much out of the ordinary about this shot that admittedly I snapped while following this work van from an electrical company in our area. Distracted driving? Well, I was already distracted.
 I tried to catch him at the next light, but had to settle for zooming this one in so you could see what it says on the back.
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Martha Z said...

With Jules background in the electrical industry this is appealing to me.
We went birding up in the Klamath basin last week. It's part of my project to visit each of the 58 counties for my new blog. The four shots you commented on don't count, I was actually in Oregon when I took them.

Paulie said...

How funny! Great catch!

Lew said...

Some people are just too clever with words! LOL! Thought you might enjoy this odd shot that appeared on yesterday's Washington Post fron page.

Lew said...

There was an error in the link in my comment. Try this odd shot

Liz said...

Very good!