Saturday, January 22, 2011

Driver's License Renewal

Hubby got his license renewed while I was gone this week.

The last time, they had him leave his glasses on but he could not smile for the picture. That is logical--if you ahve to produce your license for an officer who stops you, you will probably be wearing your glasses, but you are not likely to be smiling.

The new instructions are to smile, but take off your glasses.

I hope they go to smile with your glasses on by the time I have to do mine again.


Paulie said...

Well, I have to renew my ID at the driver's licensing place soon as it expired on my birthday this month. . . and I am NOT taking off my glasses. IF a person wears glasses daily, you should leave them on.

Liz said...

They have such strict rules for passport photos: no fringes and definitely not smiling.