Friday, January 14, 2011

Snowshoe SkyWatch

January 2 at Mt. Rainier National Park--the Tatoosh Range in the distance.
SkyWatch is here.

This does not show Mt. Rainier. It was taken at Mt. Rainier National Park, but the peaks that you see are part of the Tatoosh Range south of Mt. Rainier. For some views of Mt. Rainier itself, look here, or here, or here.


Sally in WA said...

Very nice, hope you enjoyed your trek in the park.

Mary said...

What a wonderful photo of the mountain. Very beautiful!

Janie said...

The views don't get any prettier than that! Looks like a beautiful day.

Rosadimaggio63 said...

Hi Katney
meravigliosa questa immagine innevata !
Mi piace molto.
Buona serata.
Myriam :)

Genie said...

Oh, my! What a beautiful capture of Mr. Ranier. My son lives on Baimbridge Island, and some years ago he took us out to the lodge for 2 nights. That was one gorgeous spot. We also have a friend who is a guide for the mountain. Love it out there. Great photo.

imac said...

Looks like a bit of a drop on the right hand side there?

Paulie said...

Beautiful white stuff! Seems like this may be the only snow I get to see -- on blogs or in other towns -- this year. sigh