Thursday, October 21, 2010

Working--Shadows of the Past

 Last month we attended a workshop in historic interpretation. (I haven't mentioned it because it was where we were the weekend our house was robbed and it kind of faded into the inventory lists for a while.)

Our presenter, (whose name eludes me because it was in the files on my stolen computer) was a consummate actress, storyteller, historian, teacher, seamstress in combination. She did a shortened version for us of her presentation of four women of Pacific Northwest history which was fascination.

Historical interpreters might dress and act in a presentation as a character, or they might go about the day in the life of a person of a time period in a living history museum. (Colonial Williamsburg is an example of that.) They might also simply explain events or styles or daily life of the past.

 Mt. Rainier National Park has presented an annual evening program Shadows of the Past where guests are guided along the Trail of the Shadows in the historic Longmire area of the park and encounter characters from the area's history as they step out of the forest to tell their story. We had the surprise of gathering outside after lunch and seeing James Longmire (as played by one of the workshop attendees) step out of the forest for a visit.

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