Wednesday, October 6, 2010

List of items

Having seen an item in the local paper that the city police had arrested several juveniles involved in a string of recent burglaries and had recovered stolen items, I pulled together the list of major identifiable items that were take from our home four weeks ago (including the dead laptop, though heaven knows why I would want to recover that one.) I have serial numbers for some of them, pictures of others.

We are not in the jurisdiction of the local city police, as we live in the county. In fact, as we live on County Line Road, we are more or less in one jurisdicton but butted up agains three others--the nearest city in our county (6 miles), the next county (across the street), and the nearest city in that county (technically the city limits recently extended to about a quarter of a mile down our road, but in reality a couple of miles). It was the latter who had been reported to have made the arrests.

Our sheriff's deputies had not given much hope on recovering anything--make that no hope. But then again, how well these four entities communicate among each other is sometimes questionable. Sometimes good, sometimes non-existent. Did the constabulary of our nearby city have our stuff in the recovery? I doubt we would find out through our sheriff.

The dispatcher took a copy of the list and my information to pass on to the detective who is handling the case.

We'll see.

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Paulie said...

I hope they caught the crooks! How very sad if it were juveniles. . . where are their parents? Maybe you will recover some things?