Tuesday, October 19, 2010

ABC Wednesday N is for Newcastle

When I posted about our visit to Newcastle upon Tyne after our trip to the UK, I concentrated on the historic and religious sites and sights. Newcastle has a new side, too.
quiet daytime appearance belies the nightime's liveliness

view of the train station from our hotel window

We arrived in Newcastle by train on Saturday night, and found, as we had been told by Sean back in the Highlands, that Newcastle has a very lively weekend night life. Looks pretty tame by day, though. The Center for Life, below, is not only an outstanding interactive science museum with exhibits of interest to all ages, but also a first line research center in the field of life sciences.

Center for Life
ABC Wednesday now half way through the seventh round.


Tumblewords: said...

Wow - what a place! Looks wonderful.

Barbara said...

Great pics. It's supposed to be a great city - and when I see pictures of the countryside up in the north east I always think 'I want to go there!'.

Kay L. Davies said...

I like the top photo. "Live Jazz" always sounds good to me, as in "good idea" and also "good music"!!
Yes, Newcastle doesn't look like it's all coal mining any more.

Kay, Alberta

photowannabe said...

I love getting a glimpse of places I may never have a chance to visit. Thanks for the interesting pictures.

Leslie: said...

I'm hoping to get to the UK next fall and must arrange to go there for at least a night. sounds like fun. :D

Anonymous said...

It looks like a place I'd like to visit.

ABC Wednesday Team