Thursday, July 8, 2010


I took this a couple of years ago as we were waiting at the flagger for some road construction. the guy who went up to talk to her looked pretty annoyed. What body language! The lane opened up pretty quickly after this picture, so he didn't get a chance to act on his anger. We didn't mind the wait, the previous summer that road had been closed after being washed out completely in the winter's storms and you couldn't get through at all. The detour, if you wanted to get from one end of the Eastside Road to the other was three hours over two passes.

Isn't it enough that the flaggers and other road crew have to contend with the hot sun or the rain to do their job, but also crazy drivers and angry ones. Give 'em a brake!

I post pictures of people working on Thursdays.

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Doreen said...

interesting shot!