Wednesday, July 7, 2010

ABC Wednesday--Y

I used Yarrow in Round Two--my first round of ABC Wednesday--but I have a nice yard full of YARROW right now. Our lawn in front masquerades as a meadow. Most of the more colorful meadow flowers in the meadow/lawn/yard have faded. Some of them were yellow.
Oops! I see a couple of nasty weeds that I had better deal with.
Each individual flowerlet is perfect in itself.
We also have a YELLOW rose in bloom--well mostly yellow. On another bush the buds are yellow but are pink when they open out. Interesting.

Almost the end of ABC Round 6. What will Round Seven bring?


Gayle said...

It looks as if the rose is illuminated. Such a beautiful shot. I love the fragrance of roses!

imac said...

We want a lawn like that.

Sylvia K said...

Such lovely flowers and how perfect for the Y day! Hope your week is going well, Katney! Enjoy!


Jay said...

I rather like Yarrow! We have it here, but it doesn't grow in our garden.

The rose is beautiful! I have the opposite; a rose with deep pink buds opening to mostly gold.

On behalf of the team, thanks for taking part in ABC Wednesday this week! :)

Shady Gardener said...

I like yarrow, too. There are many colors. I have the yellow yarrow. ;-) (I really do!)

Janie said...

We see yarrow in the mountains here. It makes a perfect Y.
Your yellow rose photo is beautiful.

Tumblewords: said...

Yarrow must be easy to grow since I have some! :) I really like it - now I'm thinking about the front lawn. Thanks!! Roses are beautiful but they require more talent than I can muster.

Carol said...

We have a lot of wild yarrow, and some yellow yarrow (yep, 'tis true) that I planted. I love the rose - had to give up on anything but rugosa roses here - our weather is too abusive for hybids.

Sweetums5 said...

Stopping by from ABC Wed. Great photos! Love the look of your lawn!

Roger Owen Green said...

I love these flowers; even like the weeds!

ROG, ABC Wednesday team