Monday, June 12, 2017


Silhouette is our theme this week and I searched my photo files for some shots that would meet that idea. I don't do silhouettes for the sake of being a silhouette, but there are often shots that live up to the theme--especially at sunset.

This is my view at home now--well, not now as those trellises now have hop vines climbing at least half way up.

 Waiting for the ferry at Vashon Island a few years ago. We had just missed the earlier ferry and had to wait an hour enjoying this sight.
 Long range view one sunset at Longmire in Mt. Rainier National Park.
 And here the view when we visited the dragon festival near Phoenix a couple of years ago.
 Not quite a silhouette as you can, if you look carefully, read the words on the "rudder" blades of this windmill.
 We camped at Goose Lake on the Oregon-California boundary and saw this display.

My choice for my header came from this picture, which was not a sunset. I'll always try for a shot of a dragonfly, and his delicate wings show so nicely against the light.
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imac said...

Neat Dragonfly Silhouette, and post pics too Kathy.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Very nice Kathy, that is a neat photo.