Monday, May 29, 2017


I proposed the theme of "Memories" to my Headbanger team for this week because it seemed appropriate around the time of our Memorial Day holiday and because I'm kind of in that mood as the anniversary of Ranney's death approaches.

So naturally most of my memories include him.
At the museum in Oakland we were able to become part of the exhibit.
It was just like Ranney  to choose this label.

This memory photo, though, is from long before our 49 years together. Well, we had been dating, but I was far from him as I spent a college year in Florence, Italy.

We traveled out from Florence in small groups many weekends, but we also made good use of our time in the city itself. You've all seen this typical postcard view  (click the link) of the Cathedral of Santa Maria delli Fiore--the Duomo. This view is a bit different and a great memory. You see, though I am better about it now, I have always been rather afraid of heights., Never-the-less I have climbed most everything possible from the Space Needle to the mountain hikes. Just couldn't much look down when I got there.

On this particular occasion some friends and I decided we would climb to the top of the Duomo. I'm glad I did it THEN as I don't think I would handle all those stairs well today. The steps follow within the outer and  inner layers of the dome.

As we ascended, a party of Franciscan friars was coming down, among them a diminutive and rather vociferous one, whose comments, roughly translated, went something like this:

If I ever--puff puff puff -- get my hands on -- puff puff puff -- the one who talked me into -- puff puff puff -- coming here -- puff puff puff .....

The rest was lost to increasing  distance between us and the curve of the dome.

More memories:

 A stop to visit with my brother and sister in the summer of 2000
when I returned from a month in India.

My brother's sweet dog Spencer reminds me of our visit with George --
and of course his people Liz and Mike.
George had just the same look on his face as we departed.
Click his name and you will see what I mean.
 We drove a VW Van that looked just like this mailbox  we found not too far from my brother's new house. Some fun memories were had in that.

 Oh, wow! I think I need to sit down a minute  and reflect on the memories.

Time spent volunteering at Mt. Rainier.
Ranney used to tell people that I gave good information and he told good stories.
 Our winter visits to the mountain included snowshoe hikes. Good exercise and beautiful views.
Something is missing from this photo, which I chose for the header. When we hiked the Naches Loop Trail, I would have Ranney go ahead across the archway footbridge, and get a picture with him in the middle. I took this one last summer when I hiked that loop without him for the first time.

I expect to see him just over the hill--on the way to the mountain.
I wonder what memories my Headbanger buddies will share.
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imac said...

Wonderful Memories Kathy, So lovely to check them all out from time to time, while we have time,

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Great job Kathy, what fun memories. It is great to look back at the places you and Ranney visited.

Christine Soto said...

What beautiful memories! I find such solace in taking pictures and reflecting.