Monday, April 17, 2017

What's in your garden?

This and one other tulip are what are growing now. This is taken through the stems of the yellow rosebush seen below from last year.

Whatever was Mac thinking when he suggested the theme of "What's growing in your garden" for this week's headbangers. There in Lincolnshire it is apparently well into spring, as I have seen him post pictures of his garden recently. The rest of us, however, if not still in the snows of winter, are still recovering from them.

Or not. I have lost at least four rose bushes due to this winter's ravages.

Last year in May and June my garden looked like this:

This bush is now lost.

This one is also lost.

Out in God's garden, however, the wildflowers are starting to bloom. Here are some seen on hikes in Spokane this weekend.

Check out the other headbangers as linked in my sidebar to see what's in their gardens this week.


imac said...

It was a quick choice Kathy, sorry, but I think your post is Great, you made the best of a bad choice.

Christine Soto said...

Such pretty flowers in God's garden! I love going for walks and seeing what's growing.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Kathy: We are ahead of you with some early bloomers, sorry about all your loses.