Monday, April 3, 2017

A New Beginning

Our Headbangers took a fairly lengthy hiatus. Some resting, some recuperating, and personally, mostly snowed in. We are beginning again with A New Beginning as our theme.

 I bought a T-shirt which proclaims that I am a "hiking Grandma". then I decided I had better do something about making it possible to make that claim this summer when I camp with the kids. If I don't get in shape I will be a "sitting around the campfire Grandma". So I have started walking along our local pathway in anticipation of getting up into the high country later this spring. These little critters claim the area along the pathway as home. They are about all there is of interest along the path unless you go considerably farther than the mile I have attempted so far. I used to walk the pathway between Grandview and Prosser--about 6½ miles--on Saturday mornings. When I got there, I would give Ranney a call and he would come meet me for breakfast.

 I thought I could stitch these three pictures together for a great long header, but find I have forgotten some of my skills. The Rose Garden had been pruned within the last few weeks (inspiring me to prune my own roses at home as well) and this crew was out at the beginning of Spring Break cleaning up the prunings and spreading bark. It will be a great NEW show of color in a couple of months.

 My own New Beginning at home. I haven't done a garden in several years. Here are my radishes--very new radishes. I like radishes because you see something in about a week. that is encouraging. The rain has kept them watered so far but now it is fair so I will have to get a sprinkler going.
 And peas. NEW pea plants. Not the most exciting picture, but I am going to use it as my header.
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imac said...

Lovely show for our new beginning Kathy, nice mixture.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Very nicely done Kathy, I'm trying to get in shape with the knee so work hard.

Christine Soto said...

Nice that you're growing things so early! We have to wait until May. Love your header!