Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Well, I have found out that my office computer does not like to blog. And with still not having set up a new internet at home, I have had to bring my laptop to the office. Let us hope that it will cooperate.

We have a new headbanger theme of "Trees" presented to us by Christine. I had originally thought the theme was "Tree"--which does not seem like it would be much of a difference, but as I have a number of favorite photos depicting ONE tree, I was looking specifically for those and not images with a number of trees.

We will miss this tree this year as we will not be taking our usual Thanksgiving trip to Arizona.

That is not my favorite tree anyway.

My favorite tree photos--both tree and trees--come from travels far and wide and some time ago. The first is this picture of the Taiga Forest of Siberia--well, a bit of it close to Academgorodok in Krasnoyarsk--the University District, so to speak. The picture was taken quite near the apartment of our hosts while we were visiting our son and future (and now actual) daughter-in-law there. We had planned the trip for their wedding, but because of some bureaucratic details the timing of the ceremony had to be changed. We would not have been able to attend and our tickets were non-refundable, so there we were ahead of time. Quite a trip. The birch forest was right out the door of the building as I recall. A large version of this photo hangs above my desk at home.

That was in 1998. A year later we did our first Alaska cruise and while visiting Tracy Arm spotted this lone tree in the fog high above the cliffs. This remains one of my favorite tree pictures.
In 2000 I visited India as part of a month long mission. On one of our touristy excursions, we visited this garden at ----well, maybe the name of the park will return to me. I posed under Buddha's tree and saw my first elephant.
Isn't he cute? We saw some elephants in the distance when we visited the National Park and Tiger Preserve whose name is also eluding me. And I was "blessed" by a temple elephant in Chennai.
This coconut nursery was a source of income for the boys' home where we volunteered. These baby trees would grow to be very tall.

Here at home, this display near the visitor center at Ohanepecosh (Mt. Rainier National Park) gives us a clue as to the age of the surrounding trees.
 Around seven hundred years.
They grow very tall. I always like to look up at the tops of the trees.

By far my favorite tree picture--well, it has to compete--is one from our hike along Hadrian's Wall when we visited the UK. Looking down you see the well that stands by the tree. I don't know that this very tree stood there when Emperor Hadrian had the fortified wall constructed to keep  those barbaric Scots (my husband's people) out of the Empire, but I am sure that there were others.

See what the other headbanger challengers have come up with from links in my sidebar, and let me know if you would like to join us. We are looking for a few good headbangers--errr, that is to say bloggers who would like to join our weekly madness.


Lew said...

Quite an impressive colection of trees from far and wide! Love the lone tree in your header.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Neat tree capture Kathy, trees of the world.

Katney said...

And my memory has returned. The Buddha tree and elephant were at Kodiakanal and the national park was Periyar Tiger PReserve.

Christine Soto said...

What a beautiful collection of tree pictures; I love that they're the cause of your treasured memories. :)