Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Obviously I have lost it.  Today's theme is TODAY and I am totally unprepared because I worked so very hardly on the theme I thought it was which was next week's theme of SELFIE. I am not in position to change. So there you have it. Today I posted a selfie and that is the way it is.

This is my favorite selfie. (I don't take pictures of myself. I don't have the knack, I don't take a good picture in the best of times, and I am embarrassed.)
See--we are both there in the reflection in the wet sand. (TODAY I am wishing for another trip to the beach!)
Does a picture taken by someone else with my camera count? Here I am the other evening with Bishop Tyson when I received an award.

I told you I take a terrible picture. (Well, it isn't TODAY, but TODAY I am trying to figure out where to hang the plaque!)

Yesterday (as opposed to TODAY!) afternoon we went for a drive. It was an adventure into the Horse Heaven Hills and onto primitive roads with no warning signs and narrow sharp hairpin turns to get back down to the valley. I made a stop to take a selfie, with the valley as my backdrop. At least there is something worth a picture.
The weirdest thing was, at that point we met TRAFFIC.
Our headbanger theme this week is NOT selfies. I've done my best. You can find the others in the links on my sidebar.


Lew said...

Awards from the Bishop are always good!

imac said...

Love your pics of Selfie Kathy, you're too Modest, you look Great MDF.
+ the extra bonus of an Award too.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Nicely done Kathy, nice backgrounds.

imac said...

We meet again Kathy, lol Grand show my friend.

Lew said...

Love the way you included the beauty of the country side in your selfies!

Christine Soto said...

I love your reflections in the water/sand. That one is truly beautiful. I'm with you on the "selfie" rage--I rarely have pictures of myself, let alone take pictures of myself. :)