Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Children's Toys -- a headbanger theme

We are empty nesters.

We have been empty nesters for quite a few years. Our youngest child will be 35 this fall.

Our grandchildren all live some distance from us, and because of schedules we are much more likely to visit them than they are to visit us.

I have been retired from teaching for about seven years. I taught first grade for a number of years, but the last several years I had older kids.

Not a lot of toys around our house, so I went looking for the pictures of two summer events from the last few years for some great toy images.  Cousin Camp and Vacation Bible School.

Each summer for quite a few years we have had a camping trip with at least one of our kids and their families. These trips evolved into Cousin Camp, with several of the families coming together in the planning of the event. We always have plenty of  games and toys for the outdoors.

fun with light sticks

lawn checkers

playground toys

simplest toys are often  best

chess game


paddle boat

Over the last few years we have done Vacation Bible School and guess who has usually been the official photographer. Here also some of the simplest toys are the best.


parachute games outside

big ball

parachute and big ball inside--it was 100º outside.

hula hoop

sidewalk chalk

Pretty good for empty nesters.

Hmmm. I think only one of our headbanger challenge group still has kids at home, so we will see some creative thinking in the submissions this week. You can find their blog links in my sidebar near the top.


imac said...

Good thinking Kathy, brings back a few memories, like the Hoolerhoop, weyhey.
Glad to see ev1 enjoying themselves, thats main thing.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Fun photos Kathy, love the big checkers.

Lew said...

Delightful times and games with the kids! Love the header!

Lew said...

We have 2 cases of hot wheels, some Barbi stuff, card games, puzzles and Lego's - all favorites of our grand kids. But I chose the link between our first grand child and our coming soon first great granddaughter.

Christine said...

For an empty nester, you sure have lots of great pictures of children's toys! I love your header; I can just see the undulating wave of that parachute as the kids move it. So neat!