Tuesday, March 10, 2015


All my WHITE pictures came from trips here.
Mt. Rainier is home to 26 named glaciers and a lot of snow. The snow depth at Paradise is about 25% of normal this year. Paradise held the record for most annual snowfall for quite a number of years. Something like 91 feet. It lost the record to Mt. Baker, a neighbor to the north in the Cascade range. The lenticular clouds which are seen often enough to not be considered rare are another bit of white.
 When conditions are right, steep slopes can be subject to avalanche danger. This is just such a slope. No avalanche, but the snowballs that roll down the slope on their own are a sure indicator that you had better be careful.

 If you look at them from the side, they look like snails or cinnamon rolls.
 Higher up on the mountain, are these trails from similar balls? Yikes!
The header theme of WHITE came from Tom the Fishing Guy.

I hope I can get my header up. My laptop does not want to edit the images I saved here without being connected to my external hard drive. It keeps searching for pictures that are there--back at home.

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Lew said...

Love the lenticular clouds over the snow covered mountain! The nature made snowballs are fascinating and I can see why one should be careful on those slopes.

imac said...

Magic Mountain, great shots Kathy, love the cloud, and the snowballs rolling down the Mountain.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Very cool Kathy, you have a beautiful place to capture snow.

Liz Hinds said...

That is serious snow! I love your header.

Christine said...

Those lenticular clouds are seriously beautiful! I loved reading about the snowballs coming down the mountain, too.