Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Our Header theme for this week is recent pictures

I've had plenty of opportunity to for pictures this last week as we have been traveling. There are a lot that I have missed because I was the one driving most of the time. I do not encourage taking pictures while you are yourself behind the wheel. There were quite a few times when I would think, "oh, that would make a great picture!" So often then you have to emblazon it on your memory for your own gratification either because you must concentrate on the driving or else you were well past it before you could get the camera out.

We have had wonderful weather--almost too hot--and enjoyed the delight of presenters at our conference who had come from Chicago or other snowed in parts east. We followed that with a side trip to Arizona where our grandchildren were on Spring Break.

Here are some of these recent pictures--I must choose one for the header by the time I get to the end of the list.

Ranney was driving as we topped Satus Pass and saw Mt. Hood in the distance. Hood was not our only mountain view.
 Hi Neighbors. Two of the curious who peeked out when we stopped for gas.
 Looking down from the Convention Center balcony.
 More ears. We picnicked with the kids at the park for supper.
 Sunset ducks.
 Spring growth
 When we returned to the house I spotted the artwork at the new neighbors. The kids moved here in 2008 and much of the neighborhood remained vacant until another developer came in last year and filled in all the vacant lots.

Our theme this week was chosen to fill in Craver Vii's turn in naming the theme. We miss his participation in our challenge, as he added some wackiness each week. I hope that when his job responsibilities settle down, he will return to join us.

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imac said...

Good show of newness,. I really love the shadows, magnifico shot Kathy/

Lew said...

Nice to be outside and comfortable! Love the "peeping toms" in your header!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Well Kathy there were surely some warm looking photos from your trip.

Christine said...

Love the variety of images! Every time I see your mountain shots, I'm in awe, as I live here in the flat Prairie State, lol! I love the mountains. Nice collection!