Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I didn't expect to see THAT here.

That was the theme I proposed, and I suppose at the time I may have had some idea that I would find some apropos images in my files. I didn't really expect to go out on a Sunday drive and find this.

 in a yard in Toppenish. Toppenish is located on the Yakama Indian Reservation. But the Yakamas are not totem pole carvers. I selected this totem...
 from which I created a header image--which I still might use. I really did not expect to see that there.

It's just that, when I did go looking through my files, I found so many fine examples of the unexpected.
Such as the time two boys rang my doorbell and asked if they could go into my yard to retrieve their ball. I didn't expect to see this there.
Just a little matter of an accent.  (I told the story here somewhere but I can't find it now.)
I also found this--which I did not expect to see in a rest stop restroom.
We were surprised enough to see the eagle over the beach at an urban park, but what is he carrying home for supper. Maybe I don't really want to know.
Maybe it's just something with a bit of seaweed tangled with it?
Maybe that is not a leash.
I didn't expect to see that there.
I did not expect to see Abraham Lincoln in a London park.
And one November trip when we stopped to visit our son in a newly rented home, I did not expect to see a picture postcard view of the Golden Gate Bridge through their living room window.
We encounter surprises every day. Down the road from us is a flock of sheep in a pasture. This time of year I am surprised several times a week with a new lamb in the family. There were no black sheep till the other day and now there are two. When I went for a visit, I didn't expect to have them be quite so antisocial.

What might the other headbangers find that they did not expect? You can check out their entries from the links in my sidebar.


imac said...

Didn't expect Toteums from you Kathy, love em, also great post pics also from a Moo Moo to the Golden Gate

Craver Vii said...

That was fun. Lots of unexpected finds here today.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Great job Kathy, wonderful captures.

Christine said...

Excellent pictures this week, Kathy, and I loved reading the story behind all of them, especially the ball/bull. :)

Lew said...

Totems are unexpected here in the east also! A delightful set of surprises you found. Love the Golden Gate shot and those sheep were just being anti-social!

Liz Hinds said...

I remember the ball story. And what a fabulous view.