Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Big Birds for the Headbangers

Big Bird

So you want to see a funny big bird? You have to check out this traffic cam.
Now for my own big birds. I have seen them from Alaska to Arizona, in the wild and in captivity, in parks and wildlife reserves and rest areas. Some bigger than others.
Take a look.
Egret--Lake Merritt--Oakland, California

American White Pelicans--Lake Merritt--Oakland
 White Pelicans visit our valley seasonally. These probably find the lake in Oakland a good place to stay year round. Their wingspan is a good six feet.
Sandhill Cranes outside Othello, Washington
 Sandhill Cranes can stand nearly six feet tall, so you can imagine their wingspan. Thousands of them descend on the Mid-Columbia National Wildlife Refuge and nearby farmlands each spring as they rest on their migration north to breeding grounds in Alaska.
Bald Eagle near Juneau, Alaska
 We saw this eagle as we returned from a very successful whale watching tour during an Alaska cruise.
"Lady Baltimore"--Bald Eagle--Juneau, Alaska
 Lady Baltimore looks out at us with her one eye. She was injured by hunters, and now lives at the Mt. Roberts Visitor Center at the top of the tram.
San Francisco Zoo
 Don't know what this guy is, but he sure looks steady on his FOOT.
Eagle Totem--Ketchikan, Alaska
 Now here in Southeast Alaska is where totem poles and totems belong. This eagle is one of many totems in Ketchikan--and one of many eagles.

Flamingos--San Francisco Zoo
 Did you know that baby flamingos are gray and fluffy?
Penguins--San Francisco Zoo
 Penguins have attitude.
Great Blue Heron--Veterans' Oasis Park--Chandler, Arizona
 You might not expect to see water birds in Arizona, but this park and its wonderful trail system features several lakes.
Crane--Veterans' Oasis Park

Cormorants --Veterans' Oasis Park
It can be quite warm in Arizona, even in November. I think these cormorants are cooling off.

Sandhill Cranes--near Othello, Washington
 More cranes. I hope to get better pictures of them this year.
Seagull--Sun Lakes State Park, Washington
 Not so very big, but they made up for it in individual loudness.
Wild turkey--Sun Lakes State Park
 If Ben Franklin had had his way, this would be our national bird.
Canada Geese family--Sun Lakes State Park

Big birds need big nests. Near Lake Shasta, California

Not sure, but these guys might be Sandhill Cranes or a related species. Near Grass Valley Rest Stop, Northern California.

Mute Swans--near Grass Valley Rest Area
We had seen Mute Swans at the Toppenish National Wildlife Refuge, so we recognized them when we saw them in California.
The headbangers are birdwatching this week.
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This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Nice show of all your Big Birds Kathy.

imac said...

Neat shot of your Big Bird Kathy and love all the show of different birds too

Craver Vii said...

Wow! Just--wow!! Loved it!

Lew said...

Very nice shots of the big birds in their natural habitat!

Christine said...

Beautiful collection of big birds, Kathy. I love your header--near a rest stop?? You certainly don't see that around here, lol. :)

Liz Hinds said...

You have some seriously big birds over there!