Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Headbangers are each doing their own thing this week.

I think my theme is TODAY. 

What does this image have to do with TODAY? 

Well, we are in Arizona and we went hiking here today.

And today I am working with my traveling computer which has limited photo-editing--or maybe it is not limited and it is just my knowledge of the machine and its possibilities and my unwillingness to learn more about it. But it is tiny, and takes up next to no space or weight in the luggage.

It is also limited in that it is not hooked up to my photo files which are at home in Washington.
 Did you know that saguaro cactus are 70 years old before they grow their first arm? (Is it a coincidence that we came to Arizona to celebrate my husband's 70th birthday?) These cacti must be real old-timers.

And they can grow VERY VERY tall.

There was some mention of including a header from the past in the post. I looked through the collection and decided that this one is the most appropriate for the week. It is from about this time last year. The theme was Skyline, and the competition took place on Ranney's actual birthday.

We expect to get some snowshoeing in next month. We continue to do everything we can to enjoy our favorite activities between rounds of doctor visits and within the limits of energy that his cancer imposes. This includes travel, hiking, family, and volunteer work.

The other headbangers are doing THEIR own thing in their blogs linked near the top of my sidebar. Drop by and see what they are up to.


imac said...

Great choice for this weeks theme, love all the Cacti, and most of all the one looking up from the ground, Gee they certainly large and high.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Kathy: What a great post to see while we sit in the negative number in Ohio. Happy Birthday to your husband. He caught up to me at 70.

Craver Vii said...

I would not have assumed snowshoeing to be a fun activity, but only something that is occasionally necessary. Of course, I've never even tried it. Now, thanks to you, I want to do it!

Lew said...

Each part of this country has its own beauty and you have captured it well!

Christine said...

Hi, Kathy! I don't know that I like cacti that much, but I would love to be down there just for the milder weather, lol! And happy birthday to Ranney! I hope you get in some snowshoeing and all the activities you both love!!