Wednesday, October 23, 2013


I have to ask myself whodunnit? Who gave us this theme for our weekly header challenge? I think it was.... I can't find it. I am sure the headbangers, whom you will find linked in my sidebar, will let me know, and also will have some delightful images to provide.

I wondered, perhaps it was Mac.
 He does have a slightly guilty look
 on his face here sneaking
 out of this gateway
 when we explored Lincoln
with him and Julie in 2010.
I wasn't sure, though,
 and can't find the message
  announcing the theme,
 but I have snuck over and
 seen Mac's rather gory entry
 and he actually admits it was he.

I could easily showcase a shelf of books. Holmes and his companions take up a major portion of our home library. A shot of my Kindle and my husband's Nook would confirm that penchant for the mysterious in our reading matter. Here are a few examples laid out on the bed.

Back to current times, summer is gone. Who took it? Our planned camping trip last weekend was postponed--till next spring. A bit of bad back and some appointments to relieve it put the kibosh on it, and with the nighttime temperatures, well, I might have put the kibosh on it anyway. So our tiny trailer has been bedded down for its winter hibernation. I did it!!!
 It rather looks like this around here and it is sneaking up upon us -- Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the bend. Where did it come from? Who made time move so quickly?
So who was the painter? Who done it?


Lew said...

The Master Painter of the universe dipped his brush in yellow and painted the glorious scene in your header! Marianne is the reader in our house and the mystery books pile up. We now keep one box for finished books and when full we donate them.

Craver Vii said...

Hmmm... you have me thinking that I am not fully utilizing my local library. I have always been a slow reader, but I could be missing out on some good literature. I certainly did enjoy Sir Arthur Conan Doyle when I was in school.

imac said...

Flattery will get you every where Kathy,lol
Very neat idea and take on who done it.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Kathy: We had some snow in the area this morning. The trees shall be completely changed after this cold snap.

Christine said...

Wow, the color in your header is phenomenal! I'm really itching to find a forest preserve in the next few days to walk through--there are still lots of green trees here, but many are turning and it's almost gone! I loved reading your blog entry today.

Liz said...

What a beautiful autumn scene.