Tuesday, October 29, 2013

No Fear

I have to start by saying that for most of my life I have been terrified of heights. I am the one who would climb to the top of the landmark du jour when travelling, and once there, back away from the edge and miss the view. I have never been near the windows at the top of the Space Needle, though I have been there numerous times.  I should include this image from when I was in India with a group of volunteers and we had the opportunity to have a group picture taken.

You notice I did not take a close-up and I am not in the group picture.
That was thirteen years ago. But look where I hiked today. This is just a view down to the highway from the trail. The valley is below the road, and it is all nearly straight down. Well, it seems like it. The straight down pictures don't really show the road very well.

I have NO FEAR!
Christine gave us the theme "No Fear" with the thought that it could be Halloweenie or not, depending upon our preferences. You can find the other headbanger challengers listed and linked in my sidebar.
Before we set out on our hike to
Sheep Lake I made a pit stop in the vault rest rooms and heard a
scream from the one next door.

When I came out, the screamer was waiting to use the unit I'd been in.

There's a huge spider on the wall in there, she said.

Hmm. She hasn't seen my Halloween spider.

When we came back I went into the spider side of the vault. I wanted to see this giant spider, I have NO FEAR of spiders. This was a big big spider, if you measure from toe to toe. About four or five inches. But its body, well, look how scary this is:

Up on the trail, hubby pointed out this and said it was a really big print. Yes, we are in cougar country. But yes, I also saw the golden retriever hiking with the family that left the parking lot a few minutes ahead of us.
No Fear!



This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

How neat Kathy, no fear with a daddy long leg.

imac said...

To the Lady who conquered her fear of Heights, (thats what I thought I had) Grand show also my friend

Craver Vii said...

Good thoughts & pics here, Kat. I used to paint murals, the highest being five stories tall. I was almost always working on the higher levels, because some of the other muralists were scared to go that high. I was given the nickname "Spiderman," because I loved to find a way to climb and crawl my way to hard-to-reach places. They thought I was not afraid of heights, but that was only partially true. I was actually afraid of falling. And not the fall so much as the sudden stop at the end. ;-)

Christine said...

These are great, Katney! I didn't even think to post my spider pic's, which are gruesome, because I was so scared of them, lol! I can handle heights, but not outdoors when there's a possibility of falling. I would've been where you stood to take that scenic picture!

Lew said...

Lots to fear out in the mountains, but Tom is right - that spider is a rather friendly sort!