Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Skyline--this week's Header Challenge

When you think of the word "Skyline", our header challenge theme this week, you think of some of the world's great cities.

Such as:
Edinburgh (the old) from Calton Hill
Seattle--seen from Vashon Island
or a bit closer (from Seattle's Great Wheel.)
London--with the old--St. Paul Cathedral--and the new--"The Gherkin". (from a river cruise)
San Francisco--with a hint of fog and a bridge. (from the Alameda Ferry)


Dictionary dot com
1. the boundary line between earth and sky; the apparent horizon: A sail appeared against the skyline. 2. the outline of something, as the buildings of a city, against the sky: the New York skyline.

All of these good examples of definition #2.

Today I prefer Definition #1. With my honey against the skyline.

Happy Birthday to the love of my life.
Nisqually Glacier View loop trail, Mt. Rainier
Thank you Lew for the perfect theme for this week (the picture was taken Friday afternoon.) Lew and the others will be found linked in my sidebar.


imac said...

Great Skylines Kathy, Cityville time.

MJ said...

Wow, I feel like I had just traveled the world without leaving my home.. so neat. I haven't left my little city but not because I don't want to but I cannot for other reasons but golly, how I wish I could have. The world is so beautiful, and you definitely can show that!! Happy birthday to your husband, may he be blessed on his special day. =)

Lew said...

The grandeur of Mt Rainier is a great skyline photo op anytime, but the snow really makes it special! And what a beautiful way to celebrate a birthday. Happy Birthday Ranny!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Kathy: I do love all your skylines. Happy Birthday Ranny.

Liz said...

Belated happy birthday to Ranney! Hope this next year is a healthy one for you. x