Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Headbangers' Theme is Winter Sunset--Really!

Well, I goofed and tried to post the Winter sunset two weeks ago. I quickly pulled it and did the right theme, but here I am in a quandary. They got a hint at what I was posting then, and we have had some spectacular sunsets since then. The old header image was pretty spectacular, but a week or two before winter actually arrived that year. The new ones, well, they might be pretty spectacular as well.

Here is the post as I published it before:

Mac really expected some snow, I think, when he asked for some winter sunsets from the team. He'll have to get it from someone other than me. I tried this late afternoon, but we had snow but not much in the way of color, and no good place to stop and get a shot (and himself was driving--if you know what I mean.)

All these were shot in winters past, or near enough to winter that there was snow in some places but just not where we were when I took the pictures.

This was December of 2011 in Eastern Oregon.


And this one a couple of weeks earlier in Arizona.

This was taken one January at home.
And the subtle glow of sunset reflected on Mt. Rainier
 was shot through the car window
two years ago today.
My header choice is a surprise--in more ways than one. I am sure that Stewart did not expect a picture like this when he suggested a winter sunset, but it was also taken on a winter trip. It was also a surprise to us. As we were visiting our son in a new location we wondered if there would be a nearby park with a good view of the Golden Gate Bridge. We did not expect it to be through their living room window.

Now that did make a pretty spectacular sunset picture. But since it was not quite winter, and this week actually IS winter, I will make the choice from this week's shots.

 The rest of the headbangers are linked in my sidebar. Take a look to see what they have created for this theme.  Can't be any more spectacular than these. They should have their posts up by Wednesday afternoon.


Lew said...

Beautiful sunsets! Love the Oregon one with clouds and if I had that view of the Golden Gate I would have been late for work every day!

imac said...

Fantastic shots Kathy, But wrong week my dear friend,

Liz said...

What an amazing view to have from your window!

imac said...

Way to go Kathy, Magic shots my friend.
And its the right week to lol.

Craver Vii said...

I love the idea of taking a shot of the sunset's reflection from Mt. Ranier. Brilliant!

Lew said...

You have some fantastic sunsets here and a sunset through the hops field certainly should be a delight to the beer drinkers! Still my favoritenof this group is the sunset through the golden gate!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Wow Kathy, you got some spectacular winter sunsets. So nicely shown my friend.

Paulie said...

You certainly have some beautiful sunset views!

PS I don't know what to do about the problem with the graphic on top of my photos -- I now see it on the bottom of your sunset page. Could this public computer have a virus? I don't know aht to do. . . for my blog. Maybe I need to start a new one. sigh