Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Headbangers are back with Change

When I realized last week that my turn to choose the header challenge theme was here, it didn't take me long to come up with "Change." This is what I told the Headbangers crew:
Okay, let’s face it. Fall is here. I turned the heated seat on in the car yesterday morning—and the air conditioner on in the afternoon. We’ve thrown a quilt on the bed. Kids who were home for the summer are now back in school. We will start looking for the colors to come from the leaves instead of the flowers. The day and the night will soon be equal and then the darker hours will begin to dominate

Fall has only given me the suggestion for the theme. You don’t have to post something that is a seasonal change. Any kind of change. How will we interpret this one? Could be interesting and a little fun. 
Well, like I said, fall brought the idea, but I had no preconceived idea of what kind of change I was going to post.

I didn't know that that coming weekend I would experience what could also have fit the theme of the month before of "That was a Surprise!"

Throught the largesse of someone who had purchased a table, we attended the Central Washington Catholic Foundation dinner A Celebration of Faith. On the flyer for the dinner the speakers announced were Fr. Spitzer S.J., former president of Gonzaga University, and Bishop Joseph Tyson of the Diocese of Yakima.

On the program at the dinner was listed another speaker, a young woman from the area who is a senior at Loyola Marymount in Los Angeles. That name struck me as totally familiar, but my memory has been dreadful for names and faces. Why did I know that name? Did I know that face in the picture in the program? Who was she?

When Sarah got up to speak, I knew.

But, you see, I taught mostly first grade. The lovely and brilliant young woman who is Sarah, I knew as a six year old.

Here is Sarah looking like she is taking the lead in
the group counting pennies.
There is Sarah at the back of the line
waiting for her turn at that piñata.
Look at that smile! Some things never change.

 Oh, her speech was brilliant, by the way, and the hugs later were even better.


This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Kathy: That was an interesting take on the idea of change. She is a lovely young lady.

richard mcguire said...

That's a great story and nice pictures too.

Martha Z said...

She is indeed a lovely young woman and what a thrill it must be to have seen her all grown up.

Liz said...

She is a stunner to look at too!

Fall/autumn is definitely here too. Sadly Mini doesn't have a heated seat. I loved that in our last car.