Tuesday, September 25, 2012

By the skin of my teeth

Heandbangers actually change tomorrow, but as often I am early just becaus eit works for me. This time definitely, because tomorrow is the day we leave for Seattle after a bunch of early and mid day busyness.

And yesterday was the day my laptop attempted to crash. Well, it didn't get all the way, it will still function, but it won't recognize my external hard drive or anything else that attaches to the USB port.

By the skin of my teeth, I had moved and loaded pictures of confectionary to my holding pen folders on the laptop. So I can participate, even without the picture I took at dinner Saturday night--which is still in the camera.

While we were visiting the UK two years ago we met a confection--at least I would call it that--called Sticky Toffee Pudding. Having once encountered it, we had to try it whenever it was on the menu, since our guide and British trip companion said it is made differently in different parts of the country or different restaurants. (The Russian and Austiran students had nothing to say about it. It is obviously a British treat.)

We had this version of Sticky Toffee Pudding in the village of Kinlochewe after our first day of hiking in the Highlands.

While were were wandering Edinburgh before the hiking tour we happened upon "The Fudge
Shop" in the Royal Mile. It looked definitely like a don't miss.

Oh, that I could scan and share the picture of hubby and me in front of the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in Bend, Oregon taken before digital and before gray hair. Ha! We have great confections here as well.
The confections I snapped on Saturday were the display models of the short dessert menu. Yum. But the ultimate was what was served us at a dinner last spring when we were hosted by the rep from the publisher we deal with. It was one of those meals where the menu does not have prices....

And this plate of confections was presented to each of us.


Christopher Frost said...

My belly just expanded by another couple of inches after seeing all those puddings. I do like my puds. Sticky toffee is great, but I prefer an apple and rhubarb crumble with lashings of hot custard.

I've posted too, as we are out tomorrow evening, to see a friend of ours who also likes photography.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Kathy: Well didn't you get to use that across the sea shot. I had to use what we had in Kent.
I hope all goes well with your hospital visit.

Lew said...

What a sweet header! Delicious and a fine photo).

richard mcguire said...

That's a great shot of some great looking puddings! I'm with Chris on the crumbles with custard, nothing better. Sticky toffee pudding is almost a default option on most menus over here, but that's probably because it's so popular. Good work this week :)

Liz said...

They look good. Your sticky toffee pudding looks like a little light in colour. Traditionally it's made with dates and is very rich. And good.