Thursday, July 19, 2012


I do believe that texting is the realm of the young, but someone older than myself has convinced me that it is a good way to get a message out to a group.

So I set out this morning to let the kids know that their Dad was in the hospital for a couple of days--doing well--not to worry.

I managed to enter the five numbers from my contact list.

Step one complete.

I started the message: "Dad in icu."

I accidentally hit send.


Once again I started through the contact list. Text comes in from DD#1.

I got the next part of the message typed in explaining that I had hit send too soon.

Text comes in from DD#2.

I finally  got that word that looked like pnptq6dd changed to postponed and about to hit send again and DS#2 calls. Message goes to draft.

After talking to DS#2 I  find the message in draft and hit send.

Did you know that you are supposed to keep the phone open when you do that?

Called DS#2 and asked him if he got it. Yes, well, part of it. No, most of it. All but half of the last word.

Does that mean that the others got that much or did some get all and others get none? since DS#2 was in the middle of the list, he offered to forward it to the others.

DD#3's text came in later when she was on her lunch break. DS#1 may look at his phone sometime tonight, but for all I know he is somewhere obscure on a business trip.

Since we do not have unlimited text on our contract, if one message sent to several people counts as several messages, I have done some very expensive messaging this week. Well, not as much as that kid in Texas who sent a couple thousand texts in a month. Or some of the I-got-him-a-cell-phone-on-my-account cases on People's Court who are suing for the texting fees he ran up.

I have to check into that.

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Liz said...

It takes me so long to text anyone that smoke signals would be quicker.